Asian Handicap betting markets provide sports bettors with an opportunity to bet on short priced favourites at a bigger price or to bet on an underdog, with a much more realistic chance of winning the bet.


Asian handicaps act like as a leveller between teams in a given soccer match. This is achieved by the addition of positive & negative handicaps on each team. If the team that you backed, covers their handicap, then your bet will be a winner.


There are three types of Asian Handicap line:

  • Quarter Goal
  • Half Goal 
  • Full Goal

This might sound strange if you have never used these markets before, but it is not as complicated as it might initially sound.


It will become clearer when seeing examples below.

1. Full Goal Asian Handicap

Chelsea are big favourites priced at 1.19 to beat Hull. In order to equal chances for betting, bookies have set AH line of -2 goals for Chelsea and +2 goals for Hull. In other words, for Asian Handicap betting purposes, the match starts at score 0-2 (Hull winning 2-0).

If you back Chelsea -2 goals:

  •  your bet will be won if Chelsea win by the difference of 3 or more goals (e.g. 3-0, 4-1, 5-0 etc.).
  •  you will get your stake back if Chelsea win exactly by 2 goals (e.g. 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 etc.)
  •  your bet will be lost if Chelsea win by exactly 1 goal, draw or lose the game.  

There is also an option to be bet on a Full Goals Asian Handicap for the under/over goals markets. The line is set at 3 goals, so if you bet over:

  • your bet will be won if there are 4 or more goals in that match
  • your will get your stake back  if there are exactly 3 goals
  • your bet will be lost  if there are less than 3 goals in that match

When your bet is not won and not lost, i.e. your stake is refunded, it's called a push or void.

2. Half Goal Asian Handicap

The half goals Asian Handicap lines take the Draws out of consideration giving only 2 possible outcomes - win or loss. In this match, Bournemouth are slight favourites, so bookies give them -0.5 goal Asian Handicap.

If you back Bournemouth -0.5 goals:

  •  your bet will be won if Bournemouth win this match 
  •  your bet will be lost if Bournemouth draw or lose this match

If you back Watford +0.5 goals:

  •  your bet will be won if Watford draw or win this match
  •  your bet will be lost if Watford lose this match

 The Half Goals Asian Handicaps are very easy to use and calculate the outcomes. Let's see what happens when we take different lines:

  • AH: -1.5 goals - your bet will be won if your team wins by 2 or more goals. Otherwise it's lost.
  • AH: -2.5 goals - your bet will be won if your team wins by 3 or more goals. Otherwise it's lost.
  • AH: +1.5 goals - your bet will be won if your team doesn't lose by 2 or more goals. Otherwise it's lost.
  • AH: +4.5 goals - your bet will be won if your team doesn't lose by 5 or more goals. Otherwise it's lost. 
  • etc.
3. Quarter Goal Asian Handicap

The quarter goals AH lines seems to be the most confusing to the newbies. It's freuently presented as double AH line such as 0 and -0.5, which is in fact -0.25 Asian Handicap line. All that means that half of our bet is placed with line 0 and the other half is placed with line -0.5.   

When placing a quarter goal line AH bet, we have two half bets and there can be following results: 

  1. Lost and Lost - Overall Lost
  2. Lost and Void - Overall Half Lost
  3. Void and Won - Overall Half Won
  4. Won and Won - Overall Won

Looking at the example match above, if you back Middlesbrough -0.25 goals (You are backing Middlesbrough with half stake on 0 AH line and half stake on -0.5 AH line):

  •  both your bets will be won if Middlesbrough win that match
  •  half of your stake will be lost and the other half returned if the game finishes as draw
  •  both your bets will be lost if Middlesbrough lose that match

And the same principle applies to backing West Ham +0.25 AH (0 and +0.5), but the positive handicap will mean that in case of a draw, your overall outcome will be half win. 

There is also an option to be bet on a Quarter Goals Asian Handicap for the under/over goals markets. Again, if we have the AH line of 2 and 2.5 (2.25), your total stake will be split into two bets - half on under/over 2 goals and the other half on under/over 2.5 goals. And then you do the maths and calculate the resuts separately for the two half bets using the Half and Full Goals AH lines.