Asian Handicap - Soccer Stats - All Competitions Model 

This AH Stats model was implemented for soccer betting and trading in mind. As you probably know, the Asian Handicap lines are likely to be different every match depending on team's opponent or when playing home/away. Thus calculating the stats for those AH markets is not easy and very time-consuming, but we believe that we have a great solution for this daunting task. We calculate our stats bearing in mind historical over/under lines and current betting line. In this model, we use matches from all competitions excluding friendly matches.  See the explanations below to understand how we calculate and display the stats.

Stats Presentation

Let's have a look at the example of our stats - Asian Handicap Over Goals Lines for Full Time markets. 

The first few columns are pretty straight forward to understand, so we will focus on the right hand side of the table and it's headings. We calculate 6 different statistics parameters: 3 for the home teams and 3 for the away teams. We also add Head To Head stats for reference. 

  • HL20 - % of home team's last 20 matches finishing over betting line goals.
  • HL10H - % of home team's last 10 matches at home finishing over betting line goals.
  • HL6 - % of home team's last 6 matches finishing over betting line goals.
  • AL20 - % of away team's last 20 matches finishing over betting line goals.
  • AL10A - % of away team's last 10 matches at away finishing over betting line goals.
  • AL6 - % of Away team's last 6 matches finishing over betting line goals.
  • AVG - Average of all the above factors.
  • H2H No - Number of Head To Head matches between the two teams (max last 8 meetings excluding friendly matches).
  • H2H % - % of H2H matches finishing over betting line goals. (from max last 8 meetings excluding friendly matches).
  • Line - Betting line for EVEN money (50-50 chance betting line set by the bookies).
  • Odds - Best Available odds for that line at the time of updating the stats.

By the betting goals line, we mean the betting line that was available for each match that we use for our calculations. It's explained better below:

Calculating single parameters - e.g. HL20 % (e.g. home team -> Tottenham)

By calculating the HL20 % we calculate the % of Tottenham's last 20 matches finishing as wining over goals lines outcomes.

We take Tottenham's last 20 matches (home and away) from all competitions, look for Even Money Asian Handicap Goals Line and determine the outcome. 

In Asian Handicap betting, we can have the following outcomes: Win, Half Win, Void (Push), Loss and Half Loss. To calculate the Win % we take all Wins and Half Wins from all outcomes: 

7 wins and 2 half wins = 8 wins

8 wins out of 20 matches: 8/20 = 40%

HL20% = 40%

And we use the same approach to calculate the remaining parameters and H2H stats. All stats are calculated in the background and we don't display the individual calculations (as the example above), but only the summary of those calculations. 

At the end, we calculate the AVG stats, which is the average of all of the 6 parameters and can be used as a quick reference to find the strongest/weakest selections for over and under markets. All parameters are sortable, so you can quickly check different statistical angles for a given fixture. You can also filter each of the columns to quickly find what you are interested in e.g. matches from specific countries or competitions, at given time and date. 

We provide stats for Soccer Asian Handicap Under/Over and Home/Away markets, for Full Time, First and Second Half markets, which can be used for betting and trading.

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